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In this blog i will be talking about Cyber nation and cyber nation tournament edition news and gamplays.I will also teach you about the game;how to play it and I will help you to be one of best nations in the game.Feel free to comment the posts and feel free to give me suggestions and ideas.
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srijeda, 14. prosinca 2016.

Infrastructure or Land? +tutorial

Some people are maybe wondering what should I upgrade first and to which one should I give more attention; Infrastructure or Land.Well in this post I am going to tell you which one should you upgrade more and I will give you a short tutorial how to upgrade each of them if you are still begginer.

Chapter 1:   How to upgrade...

Firstly let me teach you how to upgrade your Infrastructure:

Head over to the Nation purchases and click on Infrastructure. When you are there you will see your information about your current infrastructure, available money etc.
Now you can also see two blank spaces where you can choose how much you wanna pay for infrastructure or the second blank space where you can say how much  of infrastructure levels you want.If you for example type in that you wanna pay 1000$ and click calculate totals it will say you how much of infrastructure you will get.Then if you are okay with the value you now click perform transaction.Or you can type how much levels of infrastructure you want; lets say for example 10, then click calculate totals it will say you how much you are going to pay those 10 levels of infrastructure.If you are okay with the value click perform transactions.


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